The National Ethics Advisory Committee (NEAC) appreciates the time and commitment of those involved in updating the National Ethical Standards for Health and Disability Research and Quality Improvement, including those who participated in the public consultation and workshops, and who provided expert peer review. NEAC acknowledges the staff of the Health Quality and Safety Commission, who worked closely with NEAC to develop guidance on quality improvement and related activities. NEAC is also grateful to all participants of the expert consultation, disability research consultation, and members of the working group on artificial intelligence.

Members of the National Ethics Advisory Committee

Maureen Holdaway, Kahu McClintock, Wayne Miles, Neil Pickering, Liz Richards, Hope Tupara, Dana Wensley, Gordon Jackman, Mary-Anne Woodnorth.

Former members: Monique Jonas, Martin Wilkinson, Julian Crane, Adriana Gunder.

Members of the Ministry of Health Working Group

Karen Bartholomew, Kate O’Connor, Devonie Waaka, Maui Hudson, Nora Lynch, Wayne Miles, Lorraine Neave, Neil Pickering, Barry Smith, Hilary Stace, Rochelle Style.

In particular, NEAC acknowledges the work of Barry Smith, who passed away prior to the publication of these Standards. Barry’s contribution was invaluable to their development.

NEAC especially thanks Matthew Strother and Rochelle Style for their work on the chapter concerning new technologies.

Ministry of Health Secretariat

Nic Aagaard, Philippa Bascand, Beverley Braybrook, Gillian Parry, Sue Harkness, Stella Li, Rob McHawk, Hayley Robertson, Isabel Ross, Fox Swindells, Mark Joyce.

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