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Announcement on the National Ethics Advisory Committee

6 April 2017

The Ministry of Health has placed a temporary hold on recruitment to the National Ethics Advisory Committee (NEAC) while it undertakes a review of NEAC’s activities. This decision will impact on the ability of the Committee to deliver some aspects of its work programme.

Strengthening Māori Research Ethics through NEAC’s Ethical Guidelines for Health and Disability Research

24 November 2016

Kahu McClintock (NEAC member) talked about NEAC’s work to strengthen Māori research ethics in the new ethical guidelines for health and disability research at Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga on 18 November 2016.  

Ethical review information and advice

For information and advice on the ethical review of studies by a Health and Disability Ethics Committee, including a copy of the application form, please visit the Health and Disability Ethics Committees (HDECs) website.