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This page contains a list of NEAC's current and past consultations.

Upcoming consultations

Draft National Ethics Standards

The National Ethics Advisory Committee is in the process of finalising the draft 2018 National Ethics Standards, developed by a working group. The Standards will soon be available for public consultation on both NEAC’s web page, and the Ministry of Health’s web page.

The Standards for public consultation merge the two current 2012 guidelines into one cohesive document, and aim to address gaps in the existing guidelines. Many sections have been updated, addressing new ethical challenges such as genomics, data ethics, and biobanking. The new Standards have been strengthened by reference to Māori ethical values throughout. They are intended to be used by all conducting health and disability research and by both institutional and regulatory ethics committees.

Past consultations

Cross-sectoral ethics arrangements for health and disability research

Cross-sectoral ethics arrangements for health and disability research - Summary of submissions

Feedback on Ethical challenges in advance care planning

Feedback on revised ethical guidelines for health and disability research

Ethics of intervention studies: Discussion document and draft Ethical Guidelines for Intervention Studies

Ethical values for planning for and responding to a pandemic in New Zealand: A statement for discussion