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This website has been designed to be as accessible as possible by all users, regardless of ability.

It complies to the maximum extent possible with the New Zealand Government Web Standards version 2.0, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

If you are experiencing difficulty with this website please let us know by:

phoning us on (04) 496 2000 (or from outside New Zealand on +64 4 496 2000)
emailing us [email protected].

Please note...

Some of the older publications are only published in Adobe PDF format. Some users may experience difficulty accessing them.

Where possible, the Ministry accompanies PDF documents with more accessible alternatives in formats such as Microsoft Word. However this is not possible in all instances.

Any user requiring assistance to access content published only in PDF should contact the Ministry using one of the methods above.

Accessibility tips

Adjusting the text size

This site has been designed so that you are able to adjust the size of the text on screen.

Internet Explorer 5+

Click on the "View" menu
Click on "Text Size"
Click on your chosen size

Mozilla FireFox

Click on the "View" menu at the top of the screen
Click on "Text Size"
Click on "Increase"
Keyboard shortcut: Control-+

Netscape 7 / Mozilla Browser

Click on the "View" menu
Click on "Text Zoom"
Click on "Larger" or a percentage greater than 100%
Keyboard shortcut: Control-+

Opera 7

Click on the "View" menu
Click on "Zoom"
Click on a percentage larger than 100%, or use the +100% or +10% options at the bottom of the menu
Keyboard shortcut: + or Control-+

Internet Explorer for Macintosh

Click on the "View" menu
Click on "Text Zoom"
Click on "Larger" or a percentage greater than 100%

Safari (Macintosh-only)

Click on the "View" menu
Click on "Make Text Bigger"
Keyboard shortcut: Apple-+

Google Chrome

Using the mouse to adjust text size:
Click the "Control the current page" button.
Select "Text Zoom".
Select "Larger" or "Smaller", or "Normal" to make text the default size.

Using your keyboard to adjust text size

To make the web page text size larger: Ctrl + + on the numeric keypad (hold down Ctrl and press +), or Ctrl + = on the main keyboard
To decrease the text size: Ctrl + -
To return to the default font size press Ctrl + 0